Hello every minecraft fellows this is my first to upload a minecraft map to public in my life, hope you will enjoy my medieval map, Benkarth City which cost me two months from design to finishing the first part of the map. I tried my very best to make the city look like a natural medieval city, feel free to download it and comment on my map.  
  BUT the map is NOT finished yet. It's just the first part, in which I completed the main city, this map is in Version 1 and I will add a bunch of detail in the coming three months as I know just a main city in the whole map is a bit boring after you completely explored it.  
  The version 2 should included:
-5-7 more important locations like towns, military camps, mineshafts etc.
-Farming fields will surround Benkarth CIty and there will be small villages across the fields.
-Much more buildings will be added in the farming fields like wooden huts, windmill etc.
-Battle scene between city or towns will be added.  
-(Easter Egg) Criminal lives underground, smuggling of drugs, weapons and gold in Benkarth will involved a building which lead to a enormous crime and lowlife underground network... Which is for you to explore not for me to tell...

  Every buldings in this map have their own interior designs and every single building is unique. I used a lot of time on interior designs and hope you guys can exnplore them one by one :).