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Up to today our Texture Pack was downloaded 100.000 times on Planet Minecraft, so we decided to give you the chance to download it here too.

We want to bring the Middle Ages to life.

The work started in November 2017.
Today our Texture Pack has all blocks, all items, all entities, all GUI and a font of its own (deleted with version for Minecraft 1.14).
All Minecraft 1.14 specific textures are complete. 

Feedback from our YouTube community has always made the Texture Pack better.

Now the Texture Pack is complete and we would like to offer it here for you to download.

We hope you enjoy your trip to the Middle Ages.


Get the Winthor Medieval Legacy Edition Texture Pack (16-bit version)

Visit us:


Get the Patrons Edition:



You're allowed to:

+ Take screenshots and post on any third party websites
+ Create videos and streams and post on any third party websites include a link to the pack download link (please attach a link to the resource pack download page)
+ You can use Studio Winthors texture pack as the base for your texture pack and publish it if the textures package you revised contains only 30% of my textures and I'll be mentioned in the ZIP and in all posts, forums etc. The websites on which you offer the download may not work commercially. Please attach a link to the resource pack download page.
+ Use our texture packs as prefered texture pack on your multiplayer server. Please attach a link to the resource pack download page.


You're NOT allowed:

- Re-create any of the Winthor Medieval packs without mention me.
- Use or modify the textures in anyway.
- Upload any Winthor Medieval pack files to any third party servers i.e
- Claim Studio Winthors texture packs as your own project or reupload any of our packs as your own or in our name.
- Use any part of Winthor Medieval for profit using such things as Adfly links. You're allowed to monetize videos please provide a link to the resource pack download page.




If you're having issues with the texture pack and need help, please make sure that:


+ You have allocated at least 3 GB of RAM to Minecraft (JVM argument -Xmx3G)
+ You are using the correct texture pack version for your Minecraft version
+ The texture pack was not damaged during the download


If you need support please let me know:


+ Which version of the texture pack are you using?

- e.g. Winthor Medieval v4.2.2 MC 1.15 

+ Which Minecraft version are you using?

- e.g. Minecraft 1.16.3 

+ Do you use OptiFine? If so, which version do you use?

- e.g. Yes, OptiFine_1.16.3_HD_U_G3 

+ Do you use Forge or other mod loaders? If so, which version do you use?

- e.g. Yes. forge-1.16.3-34.1.0 

+ Are there any other Minecraft modifications not mentioned above?

- e.g.Yes, I'm using a mod pack using Technic Launcher.

All of this informations are necessary to be able to replicate your issue and to be able to give assistance.