Player Mob Models ALPHA [Cute Mobs Edition]

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23,735 Downloads Last Updated: May 7, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Sorry for my bad english, and sorry for my seemingly broken description cuz i was trying to write it on my phone


5.0 [07/05/2020.1]

Log Date: May 7, 2020.1

Optifine Required:
1.12.2: Optifine 1.12.2 HD U F5
1.14.4: Optifine 1.14.4 HD U F5
1.16.5: Latest Optifine 1.16.5 Version


Alpha v0.5.0 Updates:

= Yet, An Another Minor Texture Changes On Another Mobs

= Minor Changes On Demons Models And Textures

= New Blaze Wings Model Upgrade

= Demon Textures's Glowing Eyes Now Separated Into
An 'Additional Pack' For Some Reason
(Go to pack file -> PMM Optional Micro-packs -> PMM Additions)

= Fixed 'PMM Female Only' Optional Micro-pack


Log Date: April 28, 2020.1


Alpha v0.4.9 Updates:

= Another Minor Changes On Few Textures
- The Reason Why I'm Mostly Be Doing Minor Texture
Changing And Adding Small Amount Of Textures Is
Because I Ran Out Of Ideas, For Now

= [ShadyViper's Request]: Added 02 For Wolf Mob


Log Date: April 7, 12, 20, 2020.1


Alpha v0.4.8: It's Alpha, It's Still Under Development


[New Optional Packs]: 5 Counted

= Added Shulker Additional Pack
- It Gives Shulkers A Model

= Added Medieval Modifier Pack (Will Be Released As A Separate Pack Soon)
- It Replaces Modernity With Medieval Stuff

= Added Bows And Crossbows Modifier Pack
- It Replaces Guns With Original MC Weapons

= Added Nekopara Maid Outfit Modifier Pack
- It Gives Nekopara Catgirls Cafe Maid Outfits


[Updates]: 8 counted

= Aquatic Mobs And Ender Dragon Officially
Merged To The Main Pack

= Removed Vehicles From The Horse Model, It's

= Fixed Some Errors

= Added Skeleton Horse And Zombie Horse (Only on 1.16.5+)

= AJ_Art's Request: Added Desert And Snow Biome
Variants For Creeper, Skeleton, And Spider (More
Mobs On The Next Update)

= Added Removers Optional Pack
- It Contains Optional Packs That Subtracts Player Model From A Specified Mob

= Added Gender Benders Optional Micro-Packs

= Another Minor Texture Changes On Some Mobs

= Improved The Tits Part On All Mobs

= Fixed 1.12.2 Slime And Magma Cube






1.16.5 [BETA v0]:

Will be released on: [26/05/2020.1]





Pack Review Video (Yeah, I Tried):

 I Used An Unregistered Bandicam App To Record, And Then Transfer All The Recorded Videos Into My Phone,

And Then Used The Inshot App To Edit it, Which Explains The Quality Of This Video.



 Pack Description:

Requires Optifine 1.14.4 Latest Version and Optifine 1.16.5 Latest Version

(1.16.3 Official Footage)

This kinda took me like 2-3 months to make, just saying

This Pack is basically Cute Mob Models Resource Pack, but with Steve and Alex Player Models, and mostly some non-Mob Talker related stuff, for some reason. 


Now, you may wonder, Why?

Actually, I dont even know anymore, but hope you guys enjoy this pack.




More Inside The "ITEMBOUND LISTS" Folder, which is, of course, inside the pack file.


(Sorry for my bad english)

the sources of textures are found inside the file



"Additional Packs And Modifiers" Folder:

It's inside the pack file, I had it there for a good reason 


The folder itself contains some micro-packs which ables to change the host pack by dragging the micro packs out to the resourcepacks folder, and then apply it in the game.

like, if you dont like the tits on the models, then theres a "PMM Tit" file in the pack file, you drag it out to the resourcepacks folder, and then apply it in game.


And make sure the additional pack/s is/are on the top of the main pack when applying on the game



Optifine And Random Mobs Instructions:



If Models Work, But Not Nametag and Variations:

- Go To Menu

- Go To Options

- Go To Video Settings

- Go To Quality...

- See At "Random Mobs", Turn It On



 If you have any suggestions and ideas, or maybe issues,  please leave it in the comments


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