WARNING! As of w1.8.0, WafflPak requires Optifine! Using the pack without Optifine may cause bugged textures!


WafflPak LogoA neat cartoony resource pack that is meant to simplify Minecraft's grainy, desaturated textures.

The pack is separated into two main versions: WafflPak itself, made for the modern releases, and WafflPak Classic for Minecraft 1.8-1.12.

A passion project not ending any time soon. You can find its beginnings at the Planet Minecraft page


Most Recent Updates

[1.21.0] WafflPak | w1.9.0 | Last updated July 5, 2024

[1.12.2] WafflPak Classic | c1.6.1 | Last updated June 21, 2023

[23w45a] WafflPak BETA | w. | Last updated November 8, 2023


!DISCLAIMER! If you see this Texture Pack on any website other than CurseForge or PlanetMinecraft then it is not me. Do not download anything you see on these sites.


I currently have no plans of porting this pack over to the Bedrock Edition of the game. You're free to port the pack over yourself, as long as you provide proper credit of course. support.