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Vividity Resource Pack


Bring a bright new level of vibrancy to your Minecraft adventures with the Vividity texture pack! With gentle, soft-focused details that give your textures a near-magical touch, your worlds will feel start to feel extraordinary. Fantastically bold weaponry and vibrant crops will make you feel like you're taking on a whole new fantasy world! Bold and vibrant with soft-focused details that'll give your Minecraft world a near-magical touch, the Vividity pack is like walking into your own fantasy realm! With an emphasis on crisp lines and bold colours, the Vividity resource pack brings a feeling of adventure to your survival world.


Vividity artist THX was inspired by rustic fantasy games with a bold, vivid colour palette. Bringing the feel of an action-adventure RPG to your Minecraft experience, you're about to feel like a true adventurer. Face terrifyingly stylised enemies with bold and chunky weaponry or build a cosy home with verdant crops and cuddly mobs! Your game will feel brighter, warmer, and more alive than ever.



Vividity was created by artist THX and published by Noxcrew. Find and support the artist at

Check out more from Noxcrew at


You can also get this texture pack for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition! Search "Vividity" on the Minecraft Marketplace.