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BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Vivi  &  Sully 



Twilight Forest prides itself on being oldschool, but why limit yourself to a single palette? With this resource pack, you can bring Twilight Forest into the modern era of vanilla Minecraft. Simply download and install it like any old resource pack and you're good to go to enjoy the consistency you're looking for!



Who made the textures and models?

All the hard work was done by our very own Vivi and Sully! They volunteered to create JAPPA-style updated textures for the mod, and were good enough to deliver!

Wait a minute, wasn't this part of the main mod?

It was. We split it to not have to maintain our in-game resource pack switching any more. This also makes it easier for the artists who worked on this to push updates to the textures without waiting on a new version of the mod.

Does this still have the new mob models?

Indeed it does. This resource pack supports the new mob models that were introduced along with these textures.

Why not remove the old textures instead of the new ones?

Twilight Forest is one of the oldest mods still going to this day. We care immensely about our legacy and the nostalgia people feel for it, so removing the old textures isn't something we'd want to do.