Test Textures

This project is experimental.
Its files will not synchronize
across the CurseForge network.


These are all heavy WIP Resource Packs that I have been playing with but I can’t manage to update them all and I can’t decide which one I like, so I’ll let you decide which two I work on. Currently I’ve only added textures to the vanilla blocks but if you like the look of one of the packs then please vote and I’ll be sure to update the top two ASAP. Also note that these are all 64x textures. Please leave your votes and thoughts in the comments below.

About the different textures

Starry Night

is a fun texture that makes MC look like an Oil Painting.


Film Grain

this is my attempt at creating an old film style grain effect



me just having some fun and I thought it looked pretty good so I figured I’d show it off.



another random texture that turned out pretty good.


Deep n Rich

a strait up vanilla texture that has had the colors deepened and enriched a bit