For 10 years I've been making resource packs that change the game's music according to my mood, my current play and game style or for a specific theme/meme. It always bothered me how I never found an easy to use template pack so when I take a break I won't have to look at Mojang's changed game indexes, search the hash codes one by one in notepad to see whether or not my previous music pack is still useable or the devs completely changed the system. Today I spent 3 hours just to double check and make sure that I created a well working template pack for custom music thus all I have to do is replace the empty/hollow files inside and zip it to make a new resource pack. I can only hope Mojang won't change the system with the upcoming  updates and all I'll have to do is to add a few other files to the template.


  • Everything is in their respective place signifying what music it is
  • The files are hollow thus small file size is expected
  • Easy download
  • Easy replacement
  • Just zip it when you've replaced the music you wish to use


Update! (important!):

Many users complained that their PC freezes, slows down when working with the .ogg files (deleting, renaming, moving them) I provided in the template resource pack. I cannot stress this enough in the comments and many of you doesn't feel like reading my replies thus keep coming to me with the same complaints I'll try to explain the issue with the .ogg (vorbis) files. The issue is NOT caused by my template, nor the resource pack I provided. Before publishing any of my data/resource packs I thoroughly test them not to upload anything buggy. Thus there is nothing wrong with this resource pack of mine. The issues are NOT caused by the empty .ogg vorbis files I provided as placeholders. The issues of your PC freezing, slowing down, crashing or not even doing anything when handling vorbis files is on Microsoft, not me. For over a decade now Windows produced these very same issues when doing file operations with vorbis files. Don't believe me? See for yourself in the outlined words that are clickable links. Even though I tried to ease this problem by replacing the empty placeholder .ogg files with 1 seconds of silence (actual audio) so as of 1.19.4 the .ogg files within the template are not placeholders but actual, silent audio files that shouldn't give anyone any trouble to delete if unused... there still could be issues with handling vorbis files thanks to Microsoft not fixing them permanently. Happy trails partner!

How to use:

  1. 1. Download the .zip file
  2. 2. Unzip it into a folder
  3. 3. Open the assets folder then go to >minecraft>sounds>music or records depending which one you want to change
  4. 4. Look up their names on YouTube, for example in case of records "Minecraft 11.ogg" then you can listen which song it is
  5. 5. Download a song you wish to replace it with in .ogg file format (I personally use 4k video downloader to download and convert in one go but there are several tools)
  6. 6. After you are finished with replacing the music you wish to use in-game, delete all the other .ogg files you haven't modified (This is very important. If you don't delete the files you haven't modified the game won't play anything in their place once the resource pack is active since they're empty shortcut files)
  7. 7. Modify the pack.mcmeta in your downloaded "Custom Music & Recording Hollow Template 1.0.0" directory with the appropriate description of what you modified and then the pack.png if you want to use custom cover art
  8. 8. ZIP the assets folder, pack.mcmeta and pack.png then you're good to go


Congrats! You've made a custom music pack/resource pack! :)


Video tutorial here if you want to make sure: