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This pack has some addons, the link is inside the pack and here:

Spryzeen's Healthbars allow you to show how much health do mobs have, Never killed accidentaly a villager or pet because
you didn't know they have low health

It's also very useful to know how much health the mobs with which you are fighting have



- Healthbars are emissive, mean you can see it glow in the dark
- This resourcepack uses vanilla core-shaders to improve some features and fix some other bugs
- Healthbars have an animation that gives a 2D apparence
- Supports minimal changes for mobs that has a lot of life, You can see a change in the health bar just attacking an iron golem with your hand


Vanilla Core-Shaders dependency

Shaders are being used to patch some bugs like:
- Healthbar turns red when you hit a mob
- Tropical fish colors overlay healthbar colors too

I don't recommend to use this pack with shaders like BSL, Complementary, Chocapic ETC, because you will lose those features but if you want... you can, health bars will still work 



- Optifine, you can download it here -->

Open game menu, go to "Options" >  "Video Setting" > "Quality.." and turn ON these settings:
- Custom Entity Models
- Emissive Textures
- Random Entities

Known Issues

- healthbar animation for squid don't works, it looks very bad without that and i decided just don't support squid/glow squid
- some mobs don't have an accurate 2D animation mean... the health bar can rotate slightly wrongly
- This resourcepack don't works on OPTIFINE HD_U_I6_pre1 so please use version HD_U_I5