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🎨 Smoube - Cartoon and clean vanilla look in 8x8!

Simplistic texture pack with soft colors and vanilla look, including some of these features:

  • Custom model blocks for additional textures
  • Custom block states for alternate textures
  • Custom loading screen (mod required)
  • Custom connected textures (mod required)
  • Custom biome particles (mod required)
  • Support for mod interfaces
  • And much more!

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💜 Donations

Donations means a lot for me since I'm from Venezuela, also it gives me motivation to keep working on all of this. If you like this texture pack and you want to support me and the future development of this, please consider donating

⌛ Current progress

This is a work-in-progress texture pack, so there are a plenty of textures that have not been edited yet. However, a large part of the main textures have been edited, and is +75% finished for 1.21

✅ Official websites

This content is officially published and available on these websites: Planet Minecraft, CurseForge and Modrinth

If you see this content published anywhere else, it's because it was stolen to post unofficial, outdated or even malicious content. Please contact me if you see this content published in sites outside of the official ones

📃 License

By downloading or using this content, you agree with the next terms of use:

  • You can not use or edit this content for redistribution, commercialization or monetization
  • You can not distribute this content using different download links other than the official ones
  • You can not include this content on modpacks, resource pack folders or similars
  • You can not port this content to another game versions like Bedrock
  • You can not post or review this content on videos, forums or websites if credits are not given: texture pack name and as download link only any of the official ones