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REACH by RetroBreads

4th Edition

The Largest Ever Vanilla Optimization Pack:

An all-in-one resource pack for all Minecraft versions, created to make a better 16x minecraft look, no matter your play style,

whether it be a builder, PvP, or any other, Reach has you covered!

Featuring all new foaly recordings for an never before heard minecraft feel.

It also features a Night Mode GUI, for ease of eyes. 

REACH is updated constantly, for every game update, and bug found.



Source Code


Some useful features:

All New Sounds

An all new pack full of of custom sounds. Makes Minecraft a lot more immersive.

Ore Borders

Quickly identify ores without breaking the styleistic immersion of vanilla minecraft.

Better Breaking Animation

A superior alternative to vanilla, that cleanly displays break progress.

Better Bedrock

A much nicer looking alternative to the chaotic nightmare of vanilla.

Reach GUI

A unique whimsical alternative to the blocky deafault

Quiet Features

A serene alternative to the noisy nightmare of ghasts, droppers, villagers and more

Much, Much more

Hundreds of major changes to the game, making it the best possible minecraft experience.

List of Features

BetterLeatherArmor, BetterNetherBricks, BetterWool, UniformNuggets, IronGolemPoppies, UniqueDyes, AnimatedCampfire, OldBedIcons, BlackBedrock, ClearerWater, CircularSun, LowGrass, LowMycelium, FullPath, LowCrimsonNylium, LowSnow, LowPodzol, LowWarpedNylium, ShorterGrass, ShorterTallGrass, VariatedCobblestone, VariatedEndStone, VariatedUnpolishedStones, VariatedTerracotta, VariatedPlanks, VariatedConnectedBookshelves, QuietRain, QuietDispensers/Droppers, QuietGhasts, QuietFire, QuietVillagers, QuietMinecarts, QuietCows, QuietPistons, QuietWater, RedTealMojangOF, QuietEndermen, QuietNetherPortals, BetterCaveSounds, OreBorder, GrowingKelp, BetterBreaking, BannerPatternItems, HungerPreview, RedstoneLevels, CleanRedstoneDust, VisualisedHoney, GoodObservers, BrewingGuide, DirectionHoppers, BetterStickyPiston, VisibleTripwires, BetterRain, BetterSnow, BetterScaffolding , LowerFire, LowerShield, OptifineEnhancements, BetterWorldBorder, NoPumpkinOverlay, InvisibleTotem, SmallerUtilities, ShortSwords, LargeAttackIndicator, DarkUI, NoJavaEditionTitle, WarpedPlanksBackGround, Pack.png, OldLava, PoppyToRose, ItemStitchingFix, ItemHoldFix, ProperBreakParticles, StonecutterFix, VillagerCloakFix, GuardianPixelFix, HoeFix, BowCharge, RainbowGlint, ReachGUI, and much much more...


Version - Support

1.18.x  - Depends on snapshot stability

1.17.x - Working!

1.16.x - Working

1.15 and below - Working, depends on version stability

Thanks so much to everyone for helping me create this. J. Anonymous for programming help, Payton, LEDQuimpy, & Herny for Alpha-testing, Knuckledice for Beta testing, and all of you for supporting this pack by installing, and sharing it. This has been a 3,000 hour + journey for all of us. I really hope you enjoy :)

REACH is a large project with few working on it. REACH is and will always remain free to use and modify. However, it costs money to run such a large project as this,

so please consider tipping at our CurseForge page