This pack uses OptiFine features. So it won't work normally without it


 If you want to get one of these totems, you should rename a usual totem of undying to the name of the totem, you want.


 ! [ Form is closed until the next update ] !  If you want to get your own totem you can make a request on Totem submission form. A part of requests will be realized in the next update, just write your username and upload your skin ( or don't upload, then your current skin will be taken ).



◼︎Totem list ◼︎

- GridExpert

- Ivanolom

- GridExpert halloween

- GridExpert christmas

- NecromancerScarf

- 1LiterZinalco

- Control

- Maxanier

- PizzaCat4

- Bitul

- Agentmcchicken

- BlackAures

- Anna_Nave

- NoCubeYT

- MiruNyashka

- Lisichka17

- Lucianroc

- SeniorMindDrone

- Rhaeloth

- AIS_

- PinkVampPolice

- iluhthatgirlbruh or XXXDeadEnderXXX

- itzphoeonix_ or Ampere102

- AquaDragon_157

- CluckVader0524

- supermike1999

- DodoBird1223




- Christmas elytra

- Night elytra

- Day elytra

- Turtle Elytra

- Pancake Elytra



◼︎Mob Tames◼︎     ( Tame a mob with a name tag named the names below to get the unique skin )

- Mango [ Mob: Parrot ]


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