This datapack retags many foods and drinks to make more sense with Origins' carnivores and vegetarians.
Notably, it makes:
- Meats from (most) mods edible to carnivores,
- Mixed meat/veggie foods edible to both carnivores and vegetarians but with reduced benefit
- Progression blocking, thematically consistent, or funny foods edible to everyone, like meef stroganoff, wine, or most importantly, soap

To use: Drop into your world's datapacks folder, or use a datapack loader like Paxi, Openloader, or Global Packs to load into all new worlds automatically.

Forge/Fabric, 1.16.5 to 1.20.1. 
Feel free to modify or redistribute in any way. 
Leave a comment if you'd like another mod supported.


Origins Mods Supported:

Medieval Origins 
Medieval Origins Revival
Any other origins using the built-in origins:carnivore or origins:vegetarian powers. 

 Note that many other Origins mods do not utilize Origins' built-in tags, so this pack will not work for them unless you adjust them.

 Food Mods Supported: 

  • Abnormals Delight
  • Aquaculture 2
  • Aquamirae
  • Better Animals Plus
  • Better End
  • Better Nether
  • Biome Makeover
  • Brewin' and Chewin'
  • Bundled Delight
  • Buzzier Bees
  • Combustive Fishing
  • Croptopia
  • Cultural Delights
  • Delightful
  • Delightful Mining
  • Ecologics
  • Ender's Delight
  • Farmer's Delight
  • Farmer's Respite
  • Galosphere Delight
  • Gofish
  • Greek Fantasy
  • Hybrid Aquatic
  • Immersive Weathering
  • Incubation
  • Let's Do - Meadow
  • Let's Do - Vinery
  • Miner's Delight
  • Mythic Upgrades
  • Naturalist
  • Neapolitan
  • Nether Depths Upgrade
  • Nether's Delight
  • Nourished Nether
  • Oh the Biome's You'll Go
  • Ocean's Delight
  • Paradise Lost
  • Snowy Spirit
  • Supplementaries
  • The Bumblezone
  • The Undergarden
  • Twilight Forest
  • Twist
  • Unusual End
  • Upgrade Aquatic
  • XP Obelisk
  • XP Obelisk Additions