Greenfield Resource Pack



I originally posted this resource pack because there was no stand-alone download for the pack on Greenfield's website, but now they added a link to download it through Adf.ly, and while I don't like Adf.ly I also do not want to take away their profit that they earn through their work on the pack. With this in mind, I will not release any further updates to the resource pack and will keep the current downloads available (reason for this is because the resource pack available for download is outdated since 1.8, and I've just made the resource pack usable for 1.10 without updating the textures. Consider these downloads as "legacy". If anyone has any problems with the current downloads, feel free to notify me and I will take them down).




Greenfield project.

Resource pack [1.10] [Latest].



Thinknoodles - custom sky

KristofferAndre - textures

Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com) - custom music