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Obvious Item Filters

Provides an easy way to tell filter and blocker items in sorting redstone contraptions.

Items and blocks named "Filter" and "Blocker" stand out in inventories with a custom texture for their respective name.


Showcase Screenshot


Currently Supported Items

Please post a comment or shoot me a message and I will add another item to the list!

Items: Fire Charge, Golden Nugget, Iron Nugget, Kelp, Paper, Wheat Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Melon Seeds, Redstone Dust, Emerald, Iron Bars, Vines, Ladders.

Blocks: Black Concrete, Chiseled Stone Bricks, Polished Blackstone, Iron Block, Cobblestone, Stone, Deepslate, Dirt, Grass Block.


Other Resource-Pack Compatibility

This pack is compatible with any other resource pack without interfering.


IMPORTANT Requirements:

This pack REQUIRES the use of either OptiFine or CIT-Resewn. This allows the pack to identify names on the items.



If you wish to contribute to the project, the source files in Photoshop Templates (PSD) format are available within the resource pack.