There are many Mario-themed resource packs that aim to 'replicate' the theme by ripping sprites from the NES games and calling it a texture. My old pack [url=https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/super-minio-bros-texture-pack]Super Minio Bros[/url] did just that, and it was terribly ugly, just like the original games.

New Super Minio Bros. is the spiritual successor to Super Minio Bros, focussing on the more beautiful modern games, and is comprised entirely of original hand-pixeled textures, not stretched NES sprites. I have been working on this since April 2015.

Make sure you use MCPatcher or Optifine to make the most of this pack!

There are also many custom block models and sounds, too!
 (well, the sounds are ripped from the Mario games, whatever)