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Resource Packs
8,655 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 20, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.5   +3

A coral reef with the pack installed

The corals are moving and the sea pickles are glowing.

Enchanting Table, Brewing Stand and Respawn Anchor

End Rods and Chorus Flowers are glowing!

A closer look at an end rod

A crimson forest

The Stems, Vines and Fungi are glowing mysteriously!

A warped forest

The warped stems are glowing now!

Nether Gold and Nether Quartz Ore

Emeralds, Gold and Diamonds are glowing!

End Thorns from Wild World

Green Glowing Mushrooms from Wild World

Blue Glowing Mushrooms from Wild World

Enchanted forest from BYG

The enchanted forest looks even more mysterious with this pack installed, the leaves are waving and glowing, the stems are just glowing

Witch Hazel from BYG

The animated textures of the flowering witch hazel leaves glow!

All flowers and leaves from BYG are waving!

TIS-3D Compat

The LEDs of the Casing and Controller blocks are glowing!

BYG end bloom support

Blockus support!