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Mobs Refreshed is a texture pack for most recent versions of Minecraft that aims to completely refreshed most Hostile mobs currently in Minecraft with brand new designs, and more extra features. In total, 27 Mobs have been "Refreshed" with new designs, shading, and extra models.

While Optifine is the more popular method of using CEM Packs, I would personally advise using Entity Model Features.

Download Entity Model Features for Forge/Fabric here.

Charged Creeper inspired by ShrimpSnail, Silverfish/Endermite inspired by Joosh_7889/GogoMines Better Entity Models.

Q & A

Q: This Mob is missing from the pack, where is it?
A: Some hostile mobs are not included in Mobs Refreshed, notably the Bosses and the Illagers, they can be found in their own packs in the Refreshed series. Check out my profile to find them. Passive Mobs will be in a future pack called Passives Refreshed, which is not out yet.

Q: Why use EMF over Optifine?
There are a multitude of reasons to use EMF over Optifine, some examples for Mobs Refreshed specifically is more features. Piglin armor now fits the noticeably short Piglins, and Charged Creepers render like they should in EMF.

Q: What happened to all the Mob Varaints from before v2?
A: For v2, I really wanted to focus on Quality over Quantity. The Mob Variants will be back in the future, most likely in separate packs (Zombies Refreshed, Skeletons Refreshed, etc) Making them in separate packs will give me more time and energy to make even better variants, like biome-dependent ones and more.

Q: I prefer the old Mobs Refreshed look, where can I find old versions?

A: Older versions will be available on CurseForge.