Hyper realistic sky (Sun, Moon, Clouds) Works with Fabric

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Custom sky texture requires Optifine to work. See details for Fabric below.

  • Clouds and Auroras made with Blender with a combination of vdb volumes and procedural nodes for best manipulation and integration into Minecraft.
  • Moon textures also made with Blender, using textures straight from NASA, available for free download for anyone.
  • Sun texture painted in GIMP.
    Moon feature:

    The benefit of using 3D rendering software, is that the geometry of the surface of the Moon is clearly visible due to the lighting. I've not yet seen any pack doing this.
    Of course, the scale of it is totally exaggerated, but this pack is called "hyper realistic" after all :)



Sky features:

This custom sky has many features I've not yet seen any pack do, so I'll just list them below (click to expand each).

  • Clouds will seamlessly fade into the vanilla fog 
    Leaving no jarring lines on unloaded chunk boarders:
  • Clouds have proper depth and density
    At night, clouds will properly block out the stars:
    The glow from the Moon (and Sun) will be behind the clouds:
    Unfortunately, it's impossible to block out the Moon with layers with any blending modes, so it'll just show through the clouds:
  • Irregular cloud rotation
    This one is a really easy feature to implement, but it's super effective. Clouds will "always" be at a different orientation on the same time of the day.
  • Rain + Thunder clouds
    Unique clouds for rain and thunderstorms, for all 4 stages of the day.
  • Hot / Cold biome clouds
    Unique clouds for snowy biomes, warm biomes (badlands, savanna and mangrove in 1.19), and for deserts for all 4 stages of the day.
  • Auroras (northern lights)
    These will appear at night in cold biomes at full Moon.
  • Counter-rotating star background
    This I think really gives a "celestial" feel to the night sky, seeing the Moon rotate freely from the star background.
  • Realistic 3D atmosphere
    Another advantage of using 3D software, is being able to add volumetric falloff to the cloudscape.
  • Shader support
    There are 2 shaders that work with this pack, Sildur's enhanced default, and Complementary shaders. For Sildur's shader, you need to use the vanilla version of the pack, because the sky is actually identical in that shader to the vanilla sky.

    Also the regular stuff applies here as well when using sky packs with shaders, so for best experience, you should turn off the shader stars, sun and moon, clouds, as well as the auroras. Also be sure to turn off or set to 0° any angle offset to the sun & moon.

    Complementary comparison:

    If you want to use the shader version of the pack with the Complementary shaders, be sure the keep the Vanilla sky brightness at the default value of 2!
  • Fabric support
    Thanks for nicolas_theking for helping converting the pack to Fabric.
    Download Fabric here.
    You will also need the Fabric API as well as the Fabric Skyboxes mod. Place both of these files into your mods folder.

    Current limitations and/or differences in the Fabric version:
    -Sunset and sunrise look different due to faulty blend modes.
    -Vanilla stars are visible (Stars have to rotate the same directions as the Moon as a consequence)
    -Sun and Moon will fade and pop back during sky transitions
    -Moon and Sun glow missing
    -Thunder clouds missing
    -Auroras will appear above Y=96 on every night, instead of on all Y levels on every 8th night (full Moon)
    -Auroras are not animated
  • Clouds above Y=256 will disappear
  • Atmosphere above Y=512 will disappear ("go out into space effect")

So that's about it, I hope you'll enjoy this pack!

Any questions, suggestions, leave them below!


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