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Transform your world into feudal Japan!


This Samurai themed resource pack includes 5 sets of Samurai armor, Ninja-themed armor for leather, and thematically appropriate weapons and tools. Like my other packs here on Curse, this pack contains only the arms & armor textures which makes it easy to pair with a builder's pack of your choosing or to simply enhance your look while building with vanilla block textures. Customize your look and wield mighty weapons inspired by feudal Japan. You can also claim the mighty Valorite variant by joining my Patreon!


Samurai Armor Item Textures

Armor Icons for the Grimdark Samurai Pack by Kalam0n


Grimdark Samurai Tool TexturesTool Icons for the Grimdark Samurai Pack by Kalam0n


This Grimdark Samurai Pack also includes damaged item textures, as well as the Odachi sword variant (Optifine Required). This variant sword texture is acquired by renaming your swords at an anvil. For example, renaming a Diamond Sword to include "Odachi" somewhere in the name will change the texture to the Odachi variant. Any naming conventions that do not include a variant identifier will use the standard texture.


Grimdark Samurai Pack Swords

Grimdark Samurai Swords by Kalam0n


- The following variants are currently available (Optifine Required) -


Sword: Odachi

Netherite Sword (VIP Only): Muramasa | Norimitsu

Netherite Axe (VIP Only): Masakari

Netherite Armor (VIP Only): Valorite



*Please note all screenshots and video were taken using the Grimdark Viking Pack in conjunction with my Grimdark Battlepack & Grimdark Sky pack. This pack is 100% compatible with my other packs, so please mix and match as you see fit!