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RESOURCE PACK (requires optifine):


 Fisherman+ aims to improve the fishing system by revisiting old mechanics and adding new ones. With Fisherman+ you can fish for treasure, craft brand-new fishing rods, craft new armor, and fish up strong and challenging Sea Creatures to slay. You can craft brand new items by throwing a Heart of the Sea onto a crafting table, creating Atlans Workbench. You can use this workbench to craft a Sea Encyclopedia by surrounding a Book and Quill with Nautilus shells. This encyclopedia will tell you everything you need to know about fishing. Fisherman+ brings a new feel to vanilla fishing, with Treasure chests, Sea Creatures, and custom equipment, Fisherman+ is the answer to the lack of depth in vanilla fishing.

The Base Sea Creature chance is 25%. At its highest with the Jaded Fishing Rod is 75%.

Sea Creature chance-
Basic- 20%
Common- 30%
Uncommon- 20%
Rare- 15%
Epic- 10%
Legendary- 4%
Mythic- 1%

  Updates are always being made for Fisherman+, if you have a bug, suggestion, or complaint, feel free to share in order to help make Fisherman+ the best fishing data pack.

Based on DutchCommanderMC's Discontinued Fishing data pack, and idea based on Hypixel Skyblock's fishing system. If you are one of the creators listed and have a problem with the data pack, please message me to sort it out. Packs used in screenshots are Stay True, Dramatic Sky, Fresh Animations, and Vanilla Tweaks.

Full Change Log can be accessed here: