This addon fixes missing or out of place textures in popular mods.



Please use in tandem with Excalibur


Want to help out? Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/qYZ9Pen


Current Mods Supported..


Just Enough Items

Roughly Enough Items

Guard Villagers

Inventory Sorting

AqUpd's Grizzy Bears


Backpacked GUI

Traveler's Backpack GUI

Xaero's Minimap

Better Foliage

Animal Feeding Trough

Biomes o Plenty - thanks Odes & Brass_McCrafty!

Nature's Compass - thanks TimothyWiggins!

Explorer's Compass - thanks Grayscale!

Comforts - thanks Brass_McCrafty!

Farmer's Delight - thanks TimmothyWiggins127!

Sheep Consistency - thanks GrandPappyJay!

Voxelmap - thanks ari!

Classic Bars - thanks TimmothyWiggins127!

Simply Backpacks - thanks Brass_McCrafty!

XP Tome - thanks Brass_McCrafty!