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Hey guys,

this is my personal Edit of Dragon Dance with the try to make it compatible with the current MC-version and adding in some blocks and items.

All Addons can be found here (this includes a Shader Addon, a Mod Addon and a Vibrant Grass Addon). Instruction and further explanation will be on that projects site.

Steelfeathers officially stopped working on this RP and I am allowed to continue it and share it with you guys.
I try my best to keep the style of Dragon Dance in every texture. Most blocks in my edit are just done by recoloring other textures but I might redo some with more detail if I get better at texturing.
I'm also adding and fixing some connected textures/random textures for the use with optifine.

Please note that I'm a lazy ass boi and the updates to this will be as rare as me playing Minecraft, but I will make sure to always keep this up to date even if I only added one texture.

And in the end I wanna give credits to Steelfeathers for creating this awesome pack in the first place and allowing me to continue it. Also if you're interested make sure to check out the original Resource Pack for 1.8

A huge thanks to beneaththeplass for providing alot of textures and giving me alot of inspiration for other textures. She is an absolute legend. <3


1 - Finish the blocks
2 - Finish GUI
3 - Add custom model files for stairs and slabs to get rid of this nasty rotations and cut of blocks
4 - Items
5 - Entities
6 - The left over small things like particles, paintings, etc

UPDATE: For now I'm gonna work on the 1.14 version ONLY until I have completed the pack. Copying over all the new stuff/changes I made often brings stuff I forget or I rename it wrong etc. Sorry to all the ppl playing on 1.12, but I hope you understand. <3
UPDATE2: Addons will also be on hold

PS: Please leave feedback so i know if something is not as Dragon Dance-ish enough or something else. Thanks <3

Your friendly pig from the neighbourhood


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