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174,136 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 23, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.4

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

IMPORTANT: We are aware that there is a problem with the fire. We already fixed the issue in the dev version. But it won't be released until next update. For now if you want to fix it please open the RP and go to assets/minecraft/textures/block and delete "fire_0.png.mcmeta" and "fire_1.png.mcmeta"

This is my personal Edit of Dragon Dance (with the help of 2 other people) with the goal of restoring it's former glory in the MC community.

All Addons can be found here (this includes a Shader Addon, 3D Addon and Mod Addon). Instruction and further explanation will be on that projects site.

Steelfeathers officially stopped working on this RP and I am allowed to continue and share it with you guys.
We are try our best to keep the style of Dragon Dance in every texture. There will probably be alot of reworking textures in the future so be sure to check the downloads once in a while.
We are also adding and fixing connected textures/random textures for the use with optifine.

I also want to give credits to Steelfeathers for creating this awesome pack in the first place and allowing me to continue it. Also if you're interested make sure to check out the original Dragon Dance for 1.8

A huge thanks to beneaththeplass and fuazk for helping out with the pack and making alot of awesome textures.


1 - Finish the blocks
2 - Finish GUI
3 - Add custom model files for stairs and slabs to get rid of this nasty rotations and cut of blocks
4 - Items
5 - Entities
6 - The left over small things like particles, paintings, etc

UPDATE: We will be working only on the most recent version of MC (including snapshots) only releasing updates for older versions when Goals are reached.
UPDATE2: Addons will be on hold




- Sea Pickle

- Netherite Hoe

- Enchanting Table GUI

- Fixed Prismarine


- Yellow Glazed Terracotta

- White Glazed Terracotta

- Crimson Stem

- Crimson Planks

- Warped Planks

- Honeycomb Block

- Beehive

- Lectern

- Cake

- Warped Sign

- Crimson Sign

- Reworked Berry Bush

- Dyes

- Potatoes

- Beetroot

- Beetroot Soup

- Bowl

- Carrot

- Cookie

- Egg

- Glass Bottle

- Potion

- Buckets

- Music Disc (11, Chirp)

- Netherite Ingot

- Netherite Pickaxe

- Netherite Axe

- Netherite Shovel

- Pumpkin Pie

- Shears

- Snowball

- Spawn Eggs

- Suspicious Stew

- Turtle Egg

- Fixed Chests for 1.15 and up

- Fixed Bell

- Foliage and Grass are now closer to original Dragon Dance

- Fixed Dispenser not having holes when placed facing up or down


- Spawner

- Smoker

- Scaffolding

- 3D models for Carrot and Potato growth stages


- Stonecutter

- Berry Bush

- Seagrass

- Tall Seagrass

- Critical Hit Particle

- Enchanted Hit Particle

- Glint Particle


- Composter

- Cornflower

- Reworked Brewing Stand

- Better Model for Large Fern, Fern, Dead Bush
- 3D Model for Sugar Cane

- Edited Models for Grass, Tall Grass


- Barrel

- Bell


- A few fixes


- Lily of the Valley

- Fixed Polished Granite

- Ice not transparent anymore

- Fence Posts use Log instead of Plank texture

- Removed Netherrack random rotation

- Reverted Nether Quartz Ore rotation to be actually correct

- Enchanted Book (Scroll)

- Glowstone and Lapis Lazuli have more Crystals

- Reworked Stick

- Reworked Nether Warts

- Reworked Iron Nugget

- Emerald is not a Crystal anymore

- Changed name of Enchanted Book to Enchanted Scroll


- Campfire

- Fletching Table

- Blast Furnace

- Lantern

- Fixed Observer naming

- Stick

- Lantern Item

- Blast Furnace GUI

- Projectiles

- Shield


- Cartography Table

- Smithing Table

- Bamboo

- Wither Rose

- Reworked Smooth Stone Slab

- Reworked Sandstone, Red Sandstone, Sandstone Slab, Red Sandstone Slab

- Reworked Slabs for Polished Andesite, Polished Granite, Polished Diorite

- Signs Items

- Food Bar

- Armor Bar

- Signs

- Blaze

- Fixed Fishing Hook


- Dried Kelp

- Turtle Egg

- Iron Nugget

- Gold Nugget


- Ported to 1.14


- Fixed Nether Quart Ore Rotation

- Slime Ball

- Inventory GUI

- Chest GUI

- Furnace GUI

- Crafting Table GUI

- Advancements GUI

- End Crystal

- Map Background

- Map Icons

- Particles

- Dither Effect

- Rain

- Paintings Background


- Fixed Bricks naming

- Reworked Ender Chest

- Reworked Polished Granite

- Iron Ingot

- Gold Ingot

- Brick

- Nether Brick

- Item Frame

- Sign Item

- Nether Star

- End Crystal Item

- Flower Pot

- Reworked Arrows

- Reworked Bone

- Advancement Icons

- RP and World Selection Icons


- Chorus Flower

- Coal Block

- End Portal

- End Rod

- Magma Block

- Nether Portal

- Observer

- Stripped Logs

- Re-Added Opaque Leaves

- Reverted Dark Oak Planks

- Spruce Door

- Beetroot Plants

- Fixed Cauldron

- Slight Door changes

- Andesite, Diorite, Granite

- Polished Andesite, Diorite, Granite

- Hay Block

- Iron Ore

- Gold Ore

- Item Frame

- Reworked Ladder

- Reworked Purpur Blocks

- Sea Lantern

- Doors Items

- Ender Eye

- Ender Pearl

- Reworked Nether Wart Item

- Reworked Redstone Dust

- White Bed

- Boats

- Ender Chest

- Trapped Chests

- Shulkers

- Removed Polished Andesite, Diorite, Granite Connected Textures


- Advancement Backgrounds


- Bow

- Arrows

- Tipped Arrows

- Spectral Arrow


- Initial Release



PS: Please leave feedback so i know if something is not as Dragon Dance-ish enough or something else. Thanks <3

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