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This is my personal Edit of Dragon Dance (with the help of 2 other people) with the goal of restoring it's former glory in the MC community.

Steelfeathers officially stopped working on this RP and I am allowed to continue and share it with you guys.
We try our best to keep the style of Dragon Dance in every texture. There will probably be alot of reworking textures in the future so be sure to check the downloads once in a while.
We are also adding and fixing connected textures/random textures for the use with optifine.

I also want to give credits to Steelfeathers for creating this awesome pack in the first place and allowing me to continue it. Also if you're interested make sure to check out the original Dragon Dance for 1.8

A huge thanks to beneaththeplass and fuazk for helping out with the pack and making alot of awesome textures.

UPDATE: We will be working on the latest MC Release only and releasing updates to older version on big updates.
UPDATE: Addons will be on hold.

Please leave feedback so i know if something is not as Dragon Dance-ish enough or something else. Thanks <3


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