Experimental Warning
This theme is still undergoing a major overhaul and isn't finished yet. There will be inconsistencies and wip textures in alpha versions, especially if you're using mods.



Looking for a dark GUI that's easy to look at, but want something different from vanilla? This is the pack for you!

Dracula Theme is a completely custom look and feel for Minecraft's UI based on the Dracula color palette. It gives the game a modern, clean look while still being fun to look at.



  • Simplified, rounded UI elements
  • Custom, slightly softer sound for buttons
  • Fonts and icons re-made to look sharp and geometric
  • Supports multiple versions in one file
  • Supports mods (wip, more being added in the future)
  • Looks great with other resourcepacks, or right alongside vanilla!




Want to submit feedback or report an issue with the pack? Open up an issue on the Github repo or join my Discord!


Like this theme? Check out the official Dracula website to find themes for all your favorite programs!



You can use these assets however you want and post projects that include them as long as any of these pages are linked to in descriptions: Github, Modrinth, Curseforge


Please do not rehost this pack directly. If you want to make releases on other platforms, redirect downloads to any of the above links.