Note: the use of OptiFine is highly recommended for this resource pack, though is not required.

When creating a 'vanilla edit' style of resource pack, its very important to keep Minecraft's distinct style and charm in mind. I feel a lot of packs fail to do this, or go for a more 'realistic' approach. Every change in this reosurce pack has reason behind it, from simply enhancing the visuals of the game, to making user interfaces more user-friendly, or even to adding lore to the Minecraft story. This resource pack changes Minecraft's assets for good reasons; not just for the sake of it.

The usage of Vanilla Tweaks in this pack (copyright infringement protection):

To protect myself against any copyright issues, I want to mention that I am part of the Vanilla Tweaks team and I released some of the assets used in this pack onto the Vanilla Tweaks website. If you recognise a feature in this pack from Vanilla Tweaks, understand that it came from DefaultEx originally, and not the other way around (unless stated otherwise; see credits).

Inspirations and credits:

Shock Micro > Emissives shader
Mickey Joe Alpha > Sapling seeds and Ghast texture (credit)
Vanilla Tweaks > Diminishing tools (inspiration) and Variated Bookshelves (credit)
Project HJP - Addon Maker > Tall flower icons & French translations (credit)
MCVinnyq > Chain item texture (credit)
Quark mod > Normal chest textures (credit) - exact artist unknown
_ImKing > Portugese/Brazilian translations (credit)
Tekayo > Spanish translations (credit)
1LotS > Cow tail swinging aniamtion (credit)
Insanial > Door fix (credit)

Toxteer > Netherite armour & tools (credit)
Skaliber > Wood renames (inspiration)
Stitchy > Wool retextured (inspiration)

You may:
- Upload showcase videos or threads to YouTube or forums sites. (A link to this post will be appreciated)

You may not:
- Redistribute this pack or any of its assets as your own.
- Create mashup/edits using this pack’s assets and redistribute.

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