This is a Resource Pack for a map currently in the making called 'Darkness Flies'. This Resource Pack only partially done, and will have more completed soon.

Darkness Flies is a map about you spawning in a 'Prison', where the only time you come out, is when it's your time to fight to the death with highly trained warriors.

A day before your battle, you manage to escape with some sharp sticks you managed to craft together, using them to break through the wall. You then find yourself walking down a short pathway, to the entry of the Battlefield, you go in.

There's someone there, a Trainee Guard, defeat him and gain his sword, and hat. The sword allows you to break the solid ice door down, to freedom. You walk down the pathway; into a cave; you venture through for ages until you find my some guy's house. You obtain a key picklock and find yourself back on that pathway from earlier. You use it to open a door. Knock Knock; guess who it is. Darkness.


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