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A special texturepack that uses optifine's connected texture feature to it's fullest potential


 Join us now, on discord to keep updated on the pack!



Join us now, on discord to keep updated on the pack!


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On the server all features are on display, custom blocks, armors and more like biome content.
And to try all options out right away we have a public creative server where you can play with the pack and all other players will see your builds the way they're meant to be seen!




BetterVanillaBuidling is explicitly made for the building community. It’s created for builders to help fit the basic Minecraft vanilla style in more types of ways. The Pack offers blocks that often get neglected and tries to improve the textures by helping to fit them together with other types of this category. For example, you can visualize the stones, diorite, andesite, and granite. All part of the kind: stone but still too different to fit together in one single building. this pack changes that!

BetterVanillaBuilding uses optifine's connected textures in a special way. By using block overlays we've made it possible to have the player place 2 different blocks next to each other and have both of the blocks change their texture. for example placing a plank type next to bookshelves will change the color of the bookshelve and placing an ore next to a stone will change the color of the stone in the ore (think of diorite, andesite and granite). There are many more block combinations wich are all explained on the discord.


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