Autumn Aura is a texture pack that makes your Minecraft world feel like a wonderful autumn land.

Within this pack,

  • Oak trees now have orange leaves
  • Birch trees now have yellow leaves
  • Dark Oak trees now have red leaves
  • Carved Pumpkins & Jack O' Lanterns now have randomized textures (Thanks to Endergy)
  • Furnaces are now pumpkins (Thanks to Endergy)
  • Redstone Lamps are now pumpkins (Thanks to Endergy)
  • Grass is now lighter and has randomized fallen leaves and twigs
  • Torches become candles, as do redstone torches
  • Chickens become Turkeys
  • Apples become green, and Golden Apples become Caramel Apples
  • Weighted Pressure Plates become Dinner Plates
  • Cake becomes Thanksgiving Dinner


Feel free to leave suggestions on the Discord server. Also, a winter themed pack is coming soon!

And again thanks to Endergy for letting me use the Pumpkin and Jack o' Lantern textures!