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"Art Déco" is a term that describes a detailed and luxurious style in architecture, interior design and various crafts. Art Déco first originated at the beginning of the 20th century in western Europe and found its peak in Paris in 1925, where an influental exposition took place: The "Exposition internationale des Arts Décoratifs et industriels modernes".


In the 1930s Art Déco has spread widely across the world but found a quick ending with the beginning of the second world war, where more functional styles were preferred. However, the Style of Art Déco was somewhat kept alive in the United States where it still had some influence in the '50s.


It wasn't until the '60s that Art Déco got its actual name, based on the Paris exhibition, and efforts were made to preserve buildings of its era, that were still present. Despite its short prime Art Déco has never truly died and even in the 21st century new buildings are constructed in a "Neo Art Déco" movement, mimicking what is widely considered the first international art style.


"Falkers' Art Deco" is my personal interpretation of this art style. I take a lot of reference from real world architecture and design, and try to bring it in a form that fits into the game. I also take some reference from fictional designs, especially the Bioshock series, and sometimes develop my own ideas based on these references. 

Falkers' Art Deco Minecraft Texture Pack
Latest Update: Beta 8 Part B (5. Mar. 2024)

it's time for another update. This time I've focused on updating the player inventory as well as the creative inventory to fit the new style I've implemented with previous UI changes. I tried to keep the original feel for both interfaces while adding more variation - both in colors and in details. I hope you like the changes, especially because these inventories will be somewhat of a template for future interfaces.

As a second feature I've also added new textures for azalea, mangrove and cherry trees. I also added textures for refined mangrove and cherry wood, though these are just recolors of existing textures, meant as a temporary solution until I create unique textures for these sets.

There are also two smaller changes: armor icons look different now and the autumn textures from last update have been improved. Again you'll need to place podzol, birch leaves and dark oak leaves in sunflower plains to see those.

originally I wanted to add more to this update, but the existing content took more time than expected and I didn't want to delay the update any further.
I hope you still find it worthwhile and as always, feel free to comment and express your thoughts and opinions!

Thank you for checking out my pack. Feel free to comment and give your opinion on this work in progress.

This pack heavily relies on CTM and other non-vanilla features, and therefore requires Optifine to run properly.


License Terms:

This Resource Pack may be used to alter the look and feel of Minecraft. (yes, this technically has to be stated)

Screenshots, videos, streams and other forms of recording with this pack active may be published on any platform.

Assets of this pack may be customised and repurposed for personal use only.

This pack or assets of this pack, edited or not, may not be published anywhere, unless I give my personal consent.


Legacy versions of this pack are handled under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License instead.

Legacy versions are marked as Alpha.