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A Resource Pack that fills Minecraft with Anime Memes & References.





Anime Meme Pack V 6.0:


Anime Meme Pack V 5.7.0:

Anime Meme Pack V 1.0 - 5.5 RECAP:


FAQ #3:


FAQ #2:


FAQ #1:


Notes: The files on this page are for Java Edition.


The Bedrock version available:


There is also a special Optifine version as well:


To celebrate 500K Downloads I made a Manga Meme Pack spinoff:


Also if you just want a specific part of the pack like beds, paintings, etc. Keep in mind you can delete stuff in the pack file that you don't want to use.


Due to issues with Curseforge, the beds had to be removed from the texture pack. I did upload the bed folder separately onto Mediafire. However, the bed file is not its own texture pack just a zip folder containing the bed textures. So you will have to take the "bed" folder out of the zip folder and into the Texture Pack file. It will go into the "entity" folder.

Link to bed file download:  Link Removed:


Anime Meme Pack 1.12 & 1.8 INFO:


1.8.9 Version of the Pack Link Removed:


1.12.2 Version of the Pack Link Removed:



*Watch the showcase video for more details about the features