This is the only world you have, look after it, learn to live in it and with it, and with all the creatures that live here with you.  There is almost always another way to get what you want.  Dinosaurs roam the world, and they get cranky if you don't look after them.  Can YOU survive and thrive in this more primitive Minecraft world?  Can you even resurrect the more dangerous carnivores and build a park/zoo/city/etc?


Lightweight, lighthearted and addictive, this sandbox style modpack brings back the exploration and easy-going nature of the original ZooKeepR Modpack, but now with Dinosaurs, oh and advancements and a guide book to help you along.  Of course, being a sandbox modpack, you're free to do as you wish, but ignore the dinosaurs at your peril.  Any dinosaur can and will attack you - if its mood is low enough.  You'll need to find ways to improve their mood to survive.


With custom recipes, advancements and guidebook, this pack really does reward exploration.


What you won't find in this pack:

The End,

The Nether,

The Dragon,

The Wither,

Mineshafts or Villages.