Waffle Trophy Collection


Welcome to Waffle Trophy Collection !


The goal of this modpack is quite simple. Complete quests and earn trophies to fill your Trophy Room !


Play it with your friends, and see who will be the first to complete its collection.

This modpack, while being quite light for the nowadays standards, features mods focused towards one objective : add more challenge !


You will encounter many bosses from different mods such as Bossominium or L_Ender 's Cataclysm.

For the sake of your multiplayer games, some crafts have been removed (you can change kubejs configs to get them back if you wish), like for example the TNT or Alex's Caves Nuclear Bomb.




This modpack is made as a little side-project, do not take it too seriously. But if you have any comment, I'm available on Discord (greninja_san).


Thank you for playing my modpacks :)