Welcome to the world of void traveler, you are spawned into a village with starter equipment and a horse. Your job is to survive the harsh world and grind your way to better gear, there are thresholds needed to be met for certain items. You could always eat the flesh of your fellow man to avoid starvation and be wary of the blood moon that shows itself every now and then. Build your Village, colony, or fortress to conquer this world. Good luck traveler, and Farewell.




MCA- minecraft comes alive


Zombies - Some/Removed in later versions


Minecolonies: no longer supported in V6

 https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtZHIFR5osfB2OAVbuP4Cbw5dSQiDMepU (how to Playlist Link)



Public - under development 

  • world will reset every now and then

Server Ip

Are server is currently under BisecHosting service, currently running 24g of ram to run the server. If you would like to donate for the monthly up-front cost, or help the server move from client service to in house hardware be much appreciated.


Server Goals:

 maintenance cost down/self sufficient 

  • Tier 1: 5%
  • Tier 2: 10%
  • Tier 3: 15%
  • Tier 4: 25%
  • Tier 5: 50%

player base increase

  • Tier 1:  10 players
  • Tier 2: 25 players
  • Tier 3: 50 players
  • Tier 4: 75 players
  • Tier 5: 100 players
  • Tier 6: 150 players
  • Tier 7: 200 players
  • Tier 8: 250 players


Hardware goals:

  • 128g ram server upgrade
  • 256g ram server upgrade