The Cinderblock Pack 3: Beyond Cinderdome


A large Kitchen sink modpack based around memes and gaining incredible powers!



  •  New Dimensions [Alfheim & Twilight Forest]
  •  Weapon mods like MR. Crayfish's gun mod and Mo Guns 
  •  Ice and Fire [Hatch your own Dragon and Ride it!]
  •  New Creatures, Mobs & Bosses from Alex Mobs & Grimoire of Gaia!
  •  Tons of NEW Dungeons & Structures from Additional Structures, When Dungeons Arise!, and Awesome Dungeons!
  •  Journey Map
  •  Tons of QOL Features like Backpacks, Waystones, Rubidium, ETC
  •  A Brand New Experience of Vanilla Minecraft and much More!
  •  A questbook for pointing you in the right direction
  •  220+ Mods in total!