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Uploaded by Claycorp
Uploaded Mar 15, 2019
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 4.72 MB
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MD5 a2ed1909a191409a81d59a3b718f3453


> Fixed Malisess doors recipes.
> Cleaned up Malisses doors items.
> Changed cartwheel recipe.
> Added more rebar per craft.
> Added a way to cook large planter pots.
> Removed Stray Iron Nugget recipes from other mods.
> Added Tyrian Block recipe.
> Removed extra recipe for Rebellious Blocks.
> Removed Little Tiles containers.
> Added Stick recipe.
> Removed Bibliocraft fancy workbench.
> Disabled Bibliocraft blocks giving off light.
> Removed chisel gift chests.
> Removed Immersive steel recipe.
> Fixed HV connector recipe only giving one.
> Fixed sterling silver arc recipe.
> Fixed rose gold arc recipe.
> Fixed Colored HC steel recipes.
> Fixed Constantan plate recipe.
> Added recipe for bottle of plant oil. (Takes full olive stack!)
> Made charcoal more effective for some stuff.
> You can now get Wrought Iron fences via chisel.
> Fixed Tallow recipes for garden candles.
> Fixed Steam locomotive inventory name.
> Removed all glass recipes from the steam oven.
> Added heating recipes for glass shards -> glass blocks.
> Fixed ingot dupes in metal press.
> Added Bronze and Steel gears to metal press.
> Changed hopper recipe.
> Changed Wire recipes so they show on the server.
> Added glass recipes to arc furnace.

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