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Filename TerraFirmaCraft_Reloaded_2-1.2.1.zip
Uploaded by Bronsted56
Uploaded Dec 9, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
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Due to some issues during the CurseForge transition, two patches have been rolled into one upload:



Special thanks to Khtar, Dragonpop, Pipe, and Stone for helping to find bugs and for input on changes. I've tried my best to note all changes but there have been several interruptions to work on this patch due to the state of the world, so some changes may have gone undocumented.


There are some substantial mod changes in this patch, and while a new world is not required, it is recommended


//Mod Changes

- Custom NPCs
- Decor
- Ice and Fire
- Tinkers Forging
- Moar Tinkers
- iChunUtil
- StepUp
- FTB Quests
- Better Animals Plus
- Kiwi
- Cuisine (note: cuisine's ingredient system relies on NBT data, which makes it incompatible with TFC's nutrition system)

- Carry On
- FindMe
- Advanced TFC Tech
- Engineer's Doors
- Engineer's Decor
- Immersive Engineering Tweaks
- Toast Control
- TFC Storage
- Mo Bends
- Darkness Lib
- XP Tome
- FastWorkbench
- tfctweaker
- TFC Aged Drinks
- Waystones (as an alternative to Signposts, for those who prefer it)

Replaced Immersive Tech with Immersive Technology
Replaced Combat Refined with SwingThroughGrass
Replaced Copygirl's Wearable Backpacks with Improved Backpacks


All mods updated to the most recent available 1.12.2 versions as of 10:13 PM MDT 2020-11-29
- Reverted TFCompat to version 1.1.4


- Removed extra steps to make different leathers for Improved Backpacks... regular leather is good enough
- Added nutrition values for many foods
- Re-enabled the Mojang splash screen, which should hopefully cut the confusion of "did my game crash on loading"
- Fixed Official Server Buttons on main menu (again)
- Removed more unnecessary config files
- Updated Configs for Quality tools - More tool reforging materials will be added at a later date
- Updated IE Graphite Electrodes Blueprint to be Craftable
- Re-enabled minecraft furnaces
- Added a more complex recipe for minecraft furnaces
- Charcoal is no longer obtainable through any sort of furnace
- Removed most cooking recipes from furnace, except where they made sense in an "oven"
- Removed Glass recipe from Furnace
- Added TFC Bread recipes for the furnace
- Registered Nethercoal as a valid fuel. Beware: it is hot
- Removed early iron bucket creation. There are other, trickier ways of moving source blocks until you can make a proper bucket
- Turned off default oredictionary spam in tooltips
- Added heating recipes to make hot water from fresh water
- Altered topography map's colour scheme (thanks to LordFokas for this fix)
- Registered a number of appropriate fluids for TFC Wooden Buckets and Barrels
- Removed vanilla Golden Carrot crafting recipe

Many oredictionary entries were altered to try and streamline oredictionary with the addition of tfctweaker. This may have created unintended recipe errors but I have done my best to make sure that every recipe still works
- removed extra Lapis entries
- removed duplicate dye entries
- Enabled TFC's ore dictionary of plates and sheets by default
- Altered water bucket oredictionaries
- Added TFC Ash to ore:dustAsh

//Custom Items
- Planers have had their durability updated to reflect their tool materials
- Fixed planer forging recipes having their instructions backwards
- Added jerky for all TFC meats, a tasty but dehydrating way to preserve food
- Fixed mud replicating mud balls exponentially
- Removed and replaced firepit ash in favour of TFCTech ash
- Removed Contenttweaker Glue and related items in favour of TFC Glue
- Added custom item Magnetite Powder, in line with Limonite and Hematite Powders
- Added an Unfinished Crown

- Default month is now 30 days. This can be altered in the TerraFirmaCraft config
- Multiplied domestic animal lifespans by ~4 to reflect longer default months, for egg-laying animals the actual incubation period was used
- Fixed vanilla logs duplicating TFC log drops, for the rare cases where vanilla logs have been available
- Fixed an exploit related to Cobalt and Ardite from the Nether
- Added a Fortune Enchant interaction to TFC ores
- Thaumcraft Amber now comes from Petrified Wood ore instead of any sort of amber ore, dropping occasionally, with drops affected by fortune
- Thaumcraft Rare Earths now occasionally drop from otherwise unused TFC gem ores, with drops affected by fortune
- Quartz now drops occasionally from several rock types instead of any sort of overworld quartz ore. Drops are *not* affected by fortune
- Harvesting straw from wild grasses now has a very small chance of dropping a random crop seed
- Disabled IE and BWM Hemp seeds from dropping, you dirty cheaters you
- Reduced frequency and increased variation of boulders
- Added ore veins missing from TFC and Metallum
- Tweaked spawning of Roguelike Dungeons. They should now be rare enough that they feel valuable and worth exploring (without causing cascading worldgen errors) but common enough that you don't have to spend hours searching for them. A loot pass will be completed in a future patch
- Rogue Dungeons will now spawn with a shell to protect them from intersecting caves
- Replaced miners in Invasions with Soldiers, this should prevent cave-ins and make it easier to hide from an Invasion


//Immersive Engineering
- Updated Engineer's Manual Recipe to accept any blue dye
- Added Ethanol as an input fluid required for Dicyanoacetylene
- Fixed Pig Iron Ingot -> Steel Metal Ingot press recipes to properly use High Carbon Steel rather than Weak Steel
- Removed crafting recipes for IE treated/steel/aluminum posts in favour of Immersive Posts varieties
- Replaced glue from nutrient squeezing with fertilizer
- Fixed rice grain having a higher chance of producing extra grain in the Crusher
- Added maize grain recipe for the Crusher in line with other grains
- Removed quicksilver bonus drops from Cryolite in the Crusher
- Fixed duplicate crusher recipes for Lapis, Saltpeter, metals where they existed
- Added IE Blast Furnace recipes for Wrought Iron Scrap from Magnetite, Limonite and Hematite powders
- Removed Blast Furnace recipes for Pig Iron from raw iron ores. Pig iron can now be made in the Blast Furnace from Wrought Iron (scrap or ingots)
- Replaced recipe for Tough Fabric; it now requires Burlap
- HOP ingots are now made from pressing dust, rather than cooking it
- Removed Fermenter recipes for Ethanol
- Added Fermenter recipes for alcoholic beverages
- Added Immersive Technology Distiller recipes to distill Ethanol from alcoholic beverages
- Added Distilled water recipes for TFC Water to the Distiller
- Added Rustic alcohols to the Mixer's Vinegar recipes
- Removed Solar Tower recipe for Minecraft Water
- Added an intermediate step for Solar Towers and Boilers: they must now make hot water before steam
- Added Solar Tower Recipe for TFC Water
- Added Ethanol, Creosote, Dicyanoacetylene and Napalm as fuels for the Boiler
- Added Squeezer recipes for Plant Oil from TFC Seeds and Soybeans
- Added Squeezer recipe to make Peat and Plant Oil from TFC Fertilizer (which is now a byproduct of industrial squeezing and alcohol production)
- Added a packing press recipe to make Quartz Blocks
- Added mixer recipe to make Base Potash Liquor
- Added Distiller recipe to collect TFCTech Potash from Potash Liquor
- Replaced Metal Press Plate Mold with a Tinkers Blank Cast in the Paper Recipe for the Press
- Disabled Plate Mold Recipe to prevent potential metal duplication with automatically generated recipes


//Tinkers Construct
- Fixed IE Sheet Metals giving too much liquid metal in the smeltery
- Fixed scrap metals giving too much liquid metal in the smeltery
- Removed EFLN for balance reasons
- Removed Tinkers' Jerky, as specific jerkies were added
- Added casting recipes for Golden Carrots and Golden Apples

- Removed bloodwood saplings for balance and performance reasons
- Removed Hemp Cloth. If you want fabric you will have to weave it.
- Removed duplicate mill recipes. The recipes should now default to TFCompat's duplication of quern recipes, with the bonus that they can be automated
- Updated Stoked Crucible's Glass recipe to match TFCTech

- Renamed stone building blocks to reflect the Blueschist naming scheme

//Other Crafting
- Fixed Framing Saw being consumed when crafting framing sheets from non-vanilla wood
- Added a recipe to fire Ex Nihilo Creatio crucibles in TFC forges and gave them a more distinct name
- Replaced Gold Nuggets with Fallen Stars in Electroblob's wands and workbench
- Added Barrel recipes for Rustic Thaumaturgy alcohols
- Added Barrel recipes for Eye of Ender, Tinkers slime balls, Shimmerleaf and Cinderpearl
- Fixed Diamond Chisel recipe
- Redstone Latch recipe now uses brass parts
- Removed Crafting and Uncrafting Recipes for IE Metal Blocks, Iron Blocks, Gold Blocks as they aren't very realistic
- Replaced Minecraft Buckets with other items in several recipes to make them easier to make
- Added Fish Hook recipe to anvil and removed it's crafting recipe
- Removed Gold and Diamond fihsing rods
- Replaced crafting recipes for wooden and iron fishing rods to be slightly more realistic
- Added recipe to inter-convert Void Metal sheets and plates



//Mod Changes (I think, the lack of export means I'm hacking apart the 1.2.0 export)
- Re-enabled Tinkered Hegemony (which then doesn't appear to be working, who knows)
- Removed Mo' Bends because it doesn't render armor properly and while fun is not very well implemented

- Fixed Wrought Iron Sheets not being counted as Iron Plates
- Added categoryMeat and categoryCookedMeat to jerkies so they can be used in TFC Cooking

- Altered crafting recipes for porcelain dolls; they now use any type of gem and scale with the quality of gem used
- You can now convert an EBwizardry Arcane Workbench to an Imbument Altar with Salis Mundis
- Added Crusher, Millstone and HorsePower recipes for magnetite powders

//Carry On Blacklist:
- EBwizardry Arcane Workbench
- EBwizardry Lectern
- EBwizardry Bookshelf
- Signpost/Mod
- Waystones/Mod
- TFCTech/Mod
- Engineer's Decor/Mod
- Engineer's Doors/Mod
- TFC Log Pile
- TFC Firepit
- TFC Forge
- TFC Pit Kiln


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