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 TR4 is a Forge modpack created by Team Rustic (surprise) on Minecraft 1.18 that features dozens of popular mods as well as lesser known mods that add a great deal to the game. While there is plenty of new content, we try to stay true to vanilla by not adding many new biomes so you get to experience the amazing world generation that 1.18 brought us! That being said, you will still find new ores, trees, plants, creatures, and more! Our goal is to have bi-weekly content updates that will often contain a new chapter in our quest book. Speaking of the quest book, one chapter is dedicated to endgame goals that will put your Minecraft skills and creativity to the test with fun, engaging goals!


One of the main mods of the pack is Create, offering a variety of tools and blocks for building, decoration and aesthetic automation. For those of you who would rather automate with complex machinery, you have access to Immersive Engineering  and Mekanism which add machines that require you to generate power and build multi-block structures for your automation needs! If you want a more magical experience, try out the Malum mod which will require you to harvest spirits from mobs around the world and use them to craft powerful trinkets! There is plenty of content for all types of players while still being lightweight and easy to run for most computers!



 We highly recommend using a server host (Apex Hosting is the best ;D) but for those who wish to host themselves, server files will be made available with 24 hours of all release versions. You can find them on the right side of this page. Just extract the folder then run the .bat file to start. You may need to install the newest Java Development Kit as well. Of course, you will need to port forward and we will not help you with that, Google is your friend! If you do not see the server files on this page, leave a comment or join the Discord and yell at @Jefe!


The Team Rustic Discord has dedicated channels for this modpack. Join us there if you need help, want to report a bug, or just stay up to date on what's happening with the pack! Click here to join!








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