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This 1.20.4 NeoForge modpack is kinda like SkyBlock, except you don't start with a tree and you're surrounded by stone. It is focused on tech progression. There are some quests to help guide you in the start and to give the players goals to reach. 

What are the differences to the previous StoneBlock Modpacks?
The first stone block was a kitchen-sink modpack with many quests. I only take up the basic game principle and bring in my own ideas. This Modpack is a bit more difficult, but also by far not a hardcore pack.
I don't plan on doing hundreds of quests on every mod. Instead, I only want to guide you through the start of the game with the quest book. I present some mods, but if this is not required for the main game, I only point them out with a quest and give the player free choice. The player can decide for himself whether he wants to play the mod or not. Many mods come with an in-game guide book.

Why is it a NeoForge based modpack?
The modding community is divided again, a few years ago it was fabric and quilt, now there is a big split again. Many mods switch from Forge or Fabric to NeoForge.

Mods for NeoForge are getting more and more. It seems to be becoming the leading mod loader for 1.21. But that starts with 1.20.4.

Why is Mod X not included?
Probably because the mod is not yet available for NeoForge 1.20.4. But feel free to give me recommendations in the comments.

Where to download the Server File?
Since v0.5.0 we offer a Server-Pack. Please report issus here.

At least 6GB of RAM allocated to the pack and a decent CPU.

Ages (Soon):
The Beginning:
In the age you start to build your home. You collect stone, dirt and. You will also need water. By using sieves you can get other materials from dirt and grave. A mob farm is also essential. After you have received your first iron and copper by sifting, a new age opens up for you.
Steam Age:
In the chapter you are well on the way to industrialization. The way to electrical energy is no longer too far. The Mod Modern Industrialisation will still be with you for a while.
Electric Age - Power:
From here the gates to practically every technology mod are open to you.
Here you will learn how to use Tom's Storage and later: Applied Energistics.
Magic & adventuring:
There are other chapters which are guiding you through some magic mods and how to reach other dimensions.