This is the light version of my popular Sky FABRICation 2 Modpack. Like the main Modpack this is focused on tech progression as well. Currently it now contains over 100 Quests. These should only teach you the basics in order to give you all the freedom in the modpack without having to do 1000 quests. In addition there are some magic and exploration quests.

Since the Modpack is focused on the Mod Modern Industrialization, I have omitted many other Tech and some Magic Mods in this variant of the Modpack.

If you want to get a more immersive late-game experience, with mods like Applied Energistics 2,  Botania, Industrial Revolution and more, please check out my main 1.17.1 skyblock modpack: Sky FABRICation 2.



Stone Age:
In the Stone Age you start to build your island. You collect wood, produce dirt, hammer it into stone. You will also need water. Later you will be able to build a cobblestone generator and improve it with a cobblestone funnel. A mob farm is also essential. After you have received your first iron, a new age opens up for you. Here you will also be able to produce lava and build a nether portal.

Bronze Age:
In the Bronze Age, you will build a smeltary. You can use this to double your products from the ores. You will upgrade your cobblestone funnel to an iron funnel. This gives you access to other raw materials.

Modern Industrialization:
In the chapter you are well on the way to industrialization. The way to electrical energy is no longer too far. The Mod Modern Industrialisation will still be with you for a while.

Magical Age:
This chapter gives you the chance to take a break from your technical progress. Discover Mods like Botania and much more.

Age of Exploration:
Explore other dimensions or travel to the moon. If you would like to travel to the end, it will be a long way.

It is important to know that there are seasons in your world. This has some advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, some plants cannot grow in winter, on the other hand, you can get snow and ice during this time of the year.

Good to know:

  • Sodium (improves FPS and allows more graphic settings)
  • no Shader Support by default (install Iris mod)
  • Runs well with 2 GB allocated RAM



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