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429K Downloads Updated Mar 10, 2021 Created May 10, 2018

New to curse! Improved for 1.12. The same as years past. Space, PvP, Tech, and...

186K Downloads Updated Jan 7, 2021 Created Aug 17, 2017

Star Wars: Conquest is a sci-fi, tech modpack. Play solo, or join our official, dedicated...

167K Downloads Updated Aug 12, 2018 Created Aug 11, 2018


536K Downloads Updated Sep 9, 2019 Created Jun 21, 2017

Space Astronomy 2 is a space based modpack, that include loads of the latest tech...

41.4K Downloads Updated Apr 9, 2021 Created Sep 22, 2020

This is a Tech modpack with a focus on the best tech mods available in...

1M Downloads Updated Aug 3, 2018 Created Jul 30, 2015

Space Astronomy is a space based modpack, that include loads of the latest tech and...

137K Downloads Updated Sep 25, 2016 Created May 30, 2016

A dinosaur themed modpack with some tech where you can build your very own Jurassic...

40.9K Downloads Updated Jan 20, 2021 Created Feb 28, 2019

Portal Content pack with some basics and more.

41K Downloads Updated Mar 23, 2019 Created Aug 21, 2018

Superheroes modpack with the best superheroes mods! Lucraft's core, Speedster heroes, Iron Man, HeroesExpansion plus...

20.6K Downloads Updated Jan 24, 2021 Created Apr 21, 2019

An SCP based minecraft modpack.

16K Downloads Updated Apr 29, 2019 Created Apr 28, 2019

Superpowers, heroes, villains and space

20.5K Downloads Updated Oct 3, 2019 Created Apr 2, 2019

a modpack by angry redneck

120K Downloads Updated May 20, 2020 Created Apr 30, 2019

Be the hero and save the world in this one-of-a-kind modded Sci-Fi adventure. (Story-Based Progression)

67.6K Downloads Updated Nov 7, 2016 Created May 6, 2016

A tech modpack with a focus on the future technology. Created to honor Star Wars...

18.8K Downloads Updated Apr 3, 2021 Created May 16, 2020

Story based|Game Stages|Thousands of recipe changes|Custom world generator|Over 500 quests|Custom NPCs|Advanced Space Exploration|Harder than RLcraft...

8.3K Downloads Updated Apr 3, 2021 Created Aug 11, 2020

You woke up on an unfimilar place full of ice, and radiation... [Expert-Level plot based...

29.6K Downloads Updated Sep 9, 2020 Created Aug 23, 2019

Progression based|Game Stages|Custom post-apocalyptic world generator and dungeon loot|Over 380 quests|Harder than RLcraft and sevtech...

7.5K Downloads Updated Feb 12, 2021 Created May 18, 2020

From Neolithic to Interstellar, Space Adventures and Stories on an Exomoon. GregTech6U & TerraFirmaCraft!

7.9K Downloads Updated Mar 22, 2020 Created Sep 8, 2019

We live in the dark so you can live in the light.

1.8K Downloads Updated Apr 9, 2021 Created Mar 22, 2021

A modpack designed to test the limits of your survival capabilities. Play in hardcore or...