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Restrict Skyblock


with only 105 Mods



To call it an expert Mode, it's to simple. But it will challenge you

a Skyblock modpack of a different kind.

The world consists of spheres whose access is blocked. by creating various items and liquids, the spheres can be opened.

Through the spheres you get into other dimensions. The goal of the game is to craft a final item.


isn't it boring to build a nether portal, light it with a flint`n steel?

Isn't it boring to just place 12 ender eyes in the end portal frame and then kill the dragon to finish the game?


****** I think so ******


that's why in this modpack the access to the different dimensions was made more difficult.

Craft different items and liquids to get access to these dimensions


the mods Immersive engineering; Botania, Mystical Agriculture as well as Pedestals accompany you to the goal of the game





The Questbook guide you the way to the goal


!! important !!


this Pack has a default world save. Please be sure to make a copy of this world.


don`t RE-CREATE the World


Custom Generator give you cool Stuff

This Modpack has 105 MODS