A more mature approach to Minecraft removing cheaty bypasses while trying to add as much diversity as possible. Our Balancing has been around Gregtech and Thaumcraft (with a load of addons) although this pack is tech orientated magic based mods also have a strong standing in the pack, we have since made it more challenging in a survival sense as you will need light during the darkness of night, in the beginning mobs can be difficult to fight but are not impossible.


Authors: Soarer, John816



Change your World Type to ATG for the best experience.


Trouble With FPS?
Try disabling the the Mipmap option in your settings



Why is it really dark?
Because this makes the pack more of a challenge.
I can't use Regular tools, what is going on?
This is intended you should check the tinkers book you spawn with.
Why can't I go in someone else's nether portal?
Because you haven't made a flint and steel yet.
Why are the normal recipe for [enter random item here] not working?
Check NEI as we have changed many of the recipes.
I can't get Flint?
3 gravel = flint

Above All else!:
Look-up recipes in NEI