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This is a mod pack Made for PopularMMOS this is Season 10 of Epic Proportions. This pack is jammed packed with some of the mods that they have used in their previous seasons along with some new mods. It contains a mod that I made that is based on things that were from their season 9 of epic proportions such as Fred 2.0 and Captin Cookie. Feel free to leave some suggestions for mods or anything to make the pack better. There are mods that add dimensions some mobs and much more download the pack to see for your self. You will have fun I know you will.


I hope everyone who plays this pack enjoys it. I would love it if PopularMMOS would actually play this pack.


Note this pack is UNOFFICIAL!

The season10 is UNOFFICIAL finally here!! We have tons of unique mods installed to make this adventure RPG series better than other Youtubers. I spent a ton of time coming up with cool mods for this, and the list is down below! More mods may be added during the season, but keep in mind I likely won't be able to add many suggestions because of incompatibility issues.


We NOW have a server! Download the pack and join today!



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