Poke Meadows Logo


We are PokéMeadows; a small, community driven Pokémon server that prides ourselves with our friendly atmosphere and strong competitive scene! On top of your standard Cobblemon experience (that we have enhanced with custom plugins and textured Pokémon) we also have both daily and seasonal events to really get you involved with the PokéMeadows community!


We run on Minecraft version 1.20.1, and using the Cobblemon mod!


In order to get started, our modpack includes the Cobblemon Mod, and a few select mods we have chosen to enhance your experience such as:


  • FabricAPI [Cobblemon dependency] (Credits to modmuss50)
  • Cloth Config API [utilised by some of our server mods] (Credits to shedaniel)
  • No Chat Reports [Removes Mojangs ludicrous chat reporting] (Credits to Aizistral)
  • Cobblemon (Credits to the Cobblemon Team).



We hope you will join us soon and share the wonderful experience of Cobblemon!