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With almost 200 great quality mods, a new world filled with magic, tech and combat awaits exploration!

Oddany has all the stuff and is packed with dungeons and structures to find. Whether you want to do tech, try dark magic, build, cook or just want to fight, this modpack will accommodate you well.

The best modded Minecraft has to offer:

Oddany was made from the start to be a thoughtful yet big expansion to vanilla. All mods stay true to the classic vanilla art style and play style, so you will not feel like you’re playing a different game.

All mods were picked and made to be as compatible with each other as possible. For example, every wood type from oak to willow has its chest, seat or boat variant. There are no duplicate ores. In-game guide books will help you throughout your journeys.


  • A guide book to help beginners
  • Dozens of new fantastic biomes from Biomes O' Plenty, Atmospheric, Better End and more
  • Explore the airships and pirate ships, towers and castles, and many other structures added by Repurposed Structures, Dungeons Arise and more
  • Many more enchants and magic, with such mods as Druidcraft, Forbidden & Arcanus, Enigmatic Legacy and many more
  • Over 200 different foods from great mods such as Farmer's Delight, Neapolitan, and much more (with little to no overlap!)
  • ..and with each new 10 meals you eat, you gain a heart!
  • Huge amounts of great weapons from the mods Spartan Weaponry and Tetra
  • Automatize everything either with mods Industrial Foregoing and Mekanism
  • or use kinetics of the mod Create
  • All of this with a simple, clean and functional GUI
  • Works right out of the box (no keybind setup required)
  • ...and there's a lot more




This modpack was created with 8GB of RAM allocated to run smoothly, so that is my recommendation for memory. It may be completely possible to play with less, though.

  You can also add OptiFine, if you want to. It should work mostly fine. I used shaders, after all.

Mod List

There are currently 200 mods in the pack. To see the list of contents and credits, click here.


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