Null Project


Minecraft is looking a little less vanilla and a little more fun. Null Project features some crazy new mods that enhance the overall playability of the game. For those who love to explore new things, there are plenty of biomes and structures that can be explored. You can climb to the tippy top of a mountain or find your way deep deep down in a cave. For those who love the adventure, there are dungeons spread all around the world that you have the ability to conquer and obtain epic gear and loot. New mobs have been introduced into Null Project to change the overall difficulty of the game. New parasitic monsters roam throughout the darkness during the night, and some other creepy monsters as well. Perhaps you stumble upon one of the few dimensions, one specifically in the ancient city. A brand new world introduced in Null Project that lets you explore the dimension that resides in the ancient city down in the caves. New monsters possibly scarier than the warden itself. Maybe you aren't ready for the Ancient dimension yet and that's completely okay. Null Project also holds the twilight forest mod that lets you explore another world with creepy crawlies and loads of bosses. Exploration and Adventure isn't always for everyone, some love to bunker down and become a farmer and chef. Null Project provides those farmers the delight of having a few food mods that allow them to grow and cook more than 30+ recipes. Having the ability to make your own cheese or a whole steak dinner is always fun! Villages in Null project have received a total makeover, they are bigger and full of more loot than the original. Villagers have also stepped up and adapted by having more jobs that are beneficial to you! The End and the Nether has increased in size and has new and improved terraforming. More places to freely explore !(not like there's new difficult mobs in there or anything!) Null Project provides a Vanilla+ experience that fits the ideals of many types of players that exist!