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Nether Star – Official Minecraft Wiki HOTFIX PATCH

Fixed bedrock layer in the Erebus

Fixed lantern quest

Fixed cosmetic armor

Fixed osmium spawns in the Beneath

Fixed barakoa health and damage

Decreased Moon spawns

Added tomb many graves 

Changed beneath ore generation

Evil wizards always spawn as named champions

Battletowers only spawn in specific biomes

Disabled champion loot from non-player kills

Disabled black widows in the Nether 



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Updated 4 mods (Full list available on discord)


The Space Exploration Update Part 1.

There's a starman waiting in the sky
He'd like to come and meet us
But he thinks he'd blow our minds


Interesting Changes 

Developer Note: New custom planets are on the way! Starting off in Part 1 is the Earth's Moon. I have decided to take the quality over quantity route and spend more time working on the planet and its environment rather than 80 empty, lifeless planets. I will be posting development updates and teasers for future planets over on Discord. 

+ Added The Moon (Three custom bosses to fight and over 25 unique structures!)

+ Added over 75 new quests

+ Added new Space Exploration quest chapter and 3 sub chapters

+ Added the Erebus dimension (only accessible from space)

+ Added the Atum 2 dimension (only accessible from space)

+ Added the Aurorian dimension (only accessible from space)

+ Added FutureMC

+ Added Exterrestrial Cache (blackmarket Item)

+ Drastically balanced certain mobs (specifically the Undertaker)

+ Many small changes that aren't worth documenting here (will post a full changelog on Discord when I get the chance)

Special way for magic users to travel to Space coming soon


Semi-Interesting Changes

- Nerfed Gorgon head quest rewards

- Disabled Minecolonies from not working in the rain

- Nerfed bone sword (3%) to (2%)

+ Enabled dimensional colonies (This is especially useful if you wanted to live out your dreams building a Moon colony inside an ecosphere)

+ Added new boss quests!

+ Buffed axe of a thousand metals

+ New main menu logo!



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