Marked: Age Of Valmoria

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A Mod with a new custom dimension, materials, markings, magic, and so much more! This mod pack is made for a server that has been taking over a year to create its lore so joining is appreciated! 

As for current marks in the main mod that adds marks there are 7. Each is only cosmetic, however, the mod does add a new dimension and a new set of armor and tools. There is also tetra, botania, mine colonies, and more!

In the beginning, there were 2 gates. The Positive Gate, and the Negative Gate. These gates keep the balance of the universe in check, and through these gates, came Higher Beings. Higher Beings are what people now commonly call "Gods", as they have made the world as we know it. These Higher Beings, have created this world, Asparia. Asparia is a vast world, filled with magical creatures, and very, VERY rarely, some Asparians become one with a Higher Being and join them in the gates. When Asparia was created by the Higher Beings, some Clans decided to try and pull power from these gates, and few have decided to pull their power from other sources. These clans have channeled a very minuscule amount of the Gate's power into marks, weirdly shaped marks that have the power to decide the fate of this world, some even have the power to engulf entire universes. The Higher Beings were insulted by this attempt to mimic their power, so they retreated back to the gates and left the Asparians on their own. Because of the Higher Being's disappearance, later generations questioned their existence, and great monsters, that the Higher Being kept away from the Asparians, were able to do whatever they wanted to to the Asparians, and they have had to restrict themselves from going places, greatly lowering their physical and spiritual defenses. Occasionally some adventurers have went to go out and explore because they questioned their peer's beliefs in these monsters, but none ever returned. They either found a new settlement, or died on their journey, cursing their huberous, and dying a very painful death. Thousands of years later, and with countless people massacred by these monsters, the only real proof of these Higher Being's existences was the "Marked" ones and a weird building on top of a mountain...

- Shiro Takanashi


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