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"A modpack that mixes a little bit of everything and gives you need

for the holidays." That would be the description of a modpack I would

like to play on the holidays, so that is what I tried to achieve with this,

so I really hope you like it as much as I do, and happy holidays!


Here, you can do a lot of stuff! With this modpack, you can use world edit, use
building gadgets, have a magical Christmas experience, you will have a lot of
building materials and decorations, you will have a special type of progression
towards being on Santa's good boy's list or if you are feeling it you can ally
yourself with the true enemies of Christmas and be on Santa's bad boy's list
and earn a different types of items, your progression depends on your actions
but hey, you choose what to do! This pack is truly full of Christmas and holiday
joy, so enjoy it!

So if you really enjoy Christmas and you are feeling the holiday's Minecraft spirit,
this is your pack!! So enjoy! Have Fun! Gather your friends if you have those or
play alone if you prefer to, this modpack truly is for everyone.


IMPORTANT NOTES: The modpack needs at least 6656 MB of RAM to run at

a minimum, but I would recommend you to try it on 7 GB - 8 GB of RAM if

you want to have a smoother playthrough. I should also let you know that the

modpack is for forge-36.2.20 or above (that is only for 1.16.5 forge versions).