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TL;DR This pack is Honkin' Majestic!

This pack focuses mainly on Malum, Hexerei, Schools of Magic: Second Semester, Little Logistics, Farmers Delight, Sophisticated Backpacks/Storage, and Create with a bit of some structures, mobs, and the Twilight Forest and Grimoire of Gaia added in for some variety and adventure.

  • Using magic (Malum, Hexerei, Schools of Magic: Second Semester) you can better yourself and your resources in a really pretty manner from flying on broomsticks to harvesting drops with a magical scythe!
  • Using Farmers Delight (and it's add-on mods) you can add in a variety of foods that can give you benefits, boosts, or are just cute and pretty.
  • Using Little Logistics you can automate trains and tugboats to transport stuff or even harvest things.
  • Using Sophisticated Backpacks/Storage you can customize your ability to carry or store things.
  • Using Create you can automate many things and create a multitude of modular contraptions.
  • Included are a lot of quality of life mods, mobs, adventure, and boss mods. You can even get your own human companions, straw golem helpers, or equip the locals with weapons and armor!

Overall, this pack encompasses some of the coolest new mods that compliment each other in Minecraft 1.18. I hope you enjoy your play.

: There is no additional guidance in this pack. Achievements and mod guides are a plenty. It's up to you to adventure. If you want to know more about some of these main mods in this pack you can visit my YouTube channel for modded Minecraft tutorials here: MISCHIEF OF MICE
Specific links: Malum, Hexerei, Little Logistics, Sophisticated Backpacks, Sophisticated Storage, Create, Human Companions, More Villagers & Guard Villagers, Superior Shields.

Mods you may overlook that are in this pack:

Little Contraptions - build Create things on a tugboat too!
XP Tome - a way to store XP
Recall - teleport back to your spawn location
Straw Golem Rebaled - carved pumpkin on a hay block will work for food to arvest your crops into vanilla containers
Fantasy's Furniture - make all manner of cool furnite at a Furniture Station
Sushi Go Crafting - immersive and rewarding suchi foods you can craft immersively
Some Assembly Required - sandwich making
Duckling - large duck traders in swamps
Torchmaster - make mob repellent torches
Castle In the Sky - difficult puzzle maze with tremendous rewards
Flower Patch - bonemeal flowers to make more and populate
Nature's & Structures' Compass - find biomes & structures
Human Companions - adventure with an AI friend
Akashic Tome - all your manuals in one
Floor Mats - custom pressure plates for player only access
Forgiving Void - no more lost corpses in the void
Tempad - Teleport to saved areas
Warp Stones - Teleport to found locations
Corpse - recover lost items when you die from your corpse
Trample Stopper - no more broken farms from mobs or players jumping
Wall Jump - in this pack it gives a double jump and a wall grab jump
Cosmetic Armor Reworked - store an extra set of armor or trade what set you have visible (if any)
Overweight Farming - slim chance of mega crops
Paragliders - make your own glider & try to earn stat bonuses
OpenBlocks Elevator - easy jump to teleport up/down from one to another elevator
CarryOn - pickup some animals and chests (maybe more... ?)
Kobolds - friendly lizardfolk you can trade with and breed
Aquaculture2 - fishing is profitable!
Spice of Life: Carrot Edition - earn more health by eating more food variety
MmmmMmmmMmmmMmmm (Test Dummy) - test your damage on an infinite dummy
Notes - Take notes of what you are working on or projects you want to do in game so you don't forget between sessions
Superior Shields - rechageable shields with special effects and enchants, plus mod compat - inspired from Borderlands and Halo
Easy Magic - Stuff stays in the enchanting table, you can feed things in/out of it, the requirement of bookshelves is higher BUT you can also use Brilliant Obelisks from Malum to count as 5 bookshelves each plus you can reroll enchantments at the cost of lapis by clicking the book icon in the enchanting menu
ChocoCraft - find, tame, and breed rideable chocobos with special skills
Enchant With Mob - enchant mobs to have special powers making your defenders even better or your random enemies a bit tougher
Build Guide - an overlay guide to help build structure shapes easier
Bumblezone - throw an ender pearl at a beehive to enter a bee dimension! Just don't anger them...